For parents of children with special needs, one of their first challenges is understanding where to turn to find services to support their child. They want to find therapy that builds the brightest future for their child and gives them the skills to navigate life. In addition, they want their child to have experiences that every child desires in an environment where the child can thrive now. Unfortunately, the next question for parents is how can I afford these services for my child? These questions are quite daunting and critical because the child’s future literally depends upon the right answer.

Whether you are a school counselor or a parent of a child of special needs, finding the right answer can be difficult. We put together this guide to answer some of the most common questions related to finding children’s therapy in Florida.

What free therapy options are available for children in Florida?

Language and Literacy Academy for Learning offers free best in-class therapy services to every eligible child in Florida.

What type of therapy is offered to children?

Free therapy services available from Language and Literacy Academy for Learning include:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • ABA Therapy
  • Mental Health Counseling

Do children need to qualify for therapy?

Students are evaluated to see if they would benefit from therapy services. If they qualify, the needed support services will be added to their IEP. We also accept referrals from doctors. If a student’s doctor feels they qualify and would benefit from additional support, Language and Literacy Academy for Learning will accommodate that need.

What areas of Florida are served by Language and Literacy Academy for Learning?

Almost any child in Florida can attend Language and Literacy Academy for Learning at no cost. With regard to transportation, free transportation services are available in Polk County, both to and from school. Beyond Polk County, any child can attend if they are transported via personal vehicles.

Is Language & Literacy Academy for Learning free? Is there tuition or fees?

Language & Literacy Academy for Learning is a tuition-free public charter school. There is no tuition to attend, and no fees associated with therapy services, transportation, or sports. Language & Literacy students also receive free breakfast and lunch on school days.

I am a school counselor, can I refer my students to Language & Literacy Academy for Learning?

Yes, we work with counselors from many schools. Many of our children were referrals from other schools who wanted the best services for their children with special needs.

What is the educational philosophy at Language & Literacy Academy for Learning?

Our philosophy is to provide our students with an educational experience that will allow them to reach the highest level of independence possible with the ultimate success of having them enter the workforce or matriculate into a post-secondary setting. The strength and purpose of our school is to address academic success by reducing functional limitations with specific emphasis on the limitations presented due to the health condition or disability of the child. This is not enough.

Every child brings their own set of functional limitations (or strengths) based on their environment (limited vocabulary), attendance (parent support) and their personal issues (emotional irregularities) which usually manifests in the traditional school setting as aggression and frustration. These major behavioral challenges functionally prevent the child from effectively participating in school and developing successful social skills needed for future employability and good mental health.

We will provide a high-quality learning experience with strong emphasis on social and emotional development along with the collaboration of a highly credentialed team of experts who will plan the appropriate intervention strategies within the classroom environment.

I am interested in speaking with someone about your services, how do I get started?

We would love to speak with you as well. Please visit our contact page for our email address and phone number.

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