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Our Mission

Mission Statement: Accelerate growth in language, literacy, and social skills for students with special needs while engaging parents as partners in education.

What We Stand For

Our vision is to partner with the Florida Department of Education and the Polk County School District in narrowing the achievement gap between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers.  We want to assist in increasing the graduation rate for students with disabilities and prepare them to enter into a post-secondary institution or prepare them to enter the workforce. 

Our Vision

Unlocking the potential of every student

Vision Statement: To create the most effective school for children with special needs through therapeutic, educational, behavioral, and mental health interventions that systematically reduce barriers that have historically prevented students with disabilities from reaching their highest potential.


To create a nationally known infant, toddler, Pre-K, K-12 educational institution for students with disabilities that is noted for providing supports that address the child’s

  • health conditions (physical body functions & structures, hearing, vision, language, communication & speech, fine motor, visual perceptual, sensory),
  • environmental factors (physical, social, and attitudinal environment in which children live and conduct their lives. These are either barriers to or facilitators of the person’s functioning), and
  • personal factors (participation and or problems resulting in restrictions, activity limitations where there is difficulty executing activities, initiation or lack of).

With a school that assesses and addresses the child’s health conditions (therapeutic) while teaching the child academics, our vision is to create the most effective ESE school for children with special needs in the nation because we address the health barriers that historically hold back our students from reaching their highest levels of academic success. We will serve students with social, relational, behavioral, academic, and mental health deficits. We will provide in-house therapies as well as contracted therapies to serve the varying needs of our students.

A Message From

Our Principal

Dr. Callins is a Speech & Language Pathologist and her Ph.D. is in Special Education. She believes education from cradle to career is essential to achieving prosperity for every student at Language & Literacy Academy for Learning. Her vision is for every student to excel in the areas of literacy and language across all content areas. She believes in the potential of every student and chose the Phoenix as their school mascot. Just as the phoenix rose from the ashes, we will rise and soar above educational barriers.

“I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes” -William C Hannan.

Dr. Tandria Callins CCC-SLP



Principal/Executive Director, Dr. Tandria Callins CCC-SLP
Assistant Principal, Sheenah Adams
Director of Secondary Education, Dexter Brown Sr.
Board of Directors President, Markeishia Smith
Board of Directors Vice President, Jimmy Downing Jr.
Parent Representative, Miyouri Bowman

Public Records

Pursuant to Florida Statute §119.12 (2) the contact information for Language and Literacy Academy for Learning custodian of public records is as follows:
Dr. Tandria Callins CCC-SLP
Primary address where records are routinely created, sent, received, maintained, and requested:
330 Ave C SE Winter Haven, FL 33880

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